Internal Medicine

International Medical Clinics (IMC) has developed a new and uniquely innovative model of healthcare delivery to serve uninsured populations and patients with high deductible insurance premiums. Our multi-specialist practice is equipped with the latest diagnostics tools and can almost any condition.


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Urgent Care/ Emergency Care

In the event of an accident or unexpected injury that requires immediate attention, our facility and doctors are prepared to take walk-ins. We are open late and on weekends to accommodate urgent care needs:

  •               Work Injured
  •               Auto Accidents
  •               Sprains
  •               Falls
  •               X-ray
  •               Offsite MRI
  •               Diagnostic Ultrasound
  •               Laboratory Blood Tests
  •               Offsite CT Scan
  •               EKG
  •               Impotence- Erectile Dysfunction -Premature Ejaculation

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