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International Medical Clinics (IMC) is on a mission to provide quality affordable health care for everyone. We recognize that patients without insurance or with high deductibles are being grossly underserved by the current medical system in our country. That is why we decided to make it our mission to serve these patients.

IMC clinic is designed to serve uninsured and high deductible health plan populations by offering a robust menu of medical services at affordable prices. We are fully staffed with specialists to treat patients in need of preventative care, diagnostics and more. Our staff is multilingual and reflective of the community we serve. This multi-physician specialty medical center effectively addresses the healthcare needs of the expanding multi-cultural uninsured community in Atlanta by honoring and respecting cultural diversity as it delivers medical services for patients of all ages. Customer service is a top priority and our patients can expect a positive experience during each visit. IMC has been recognized for improving medical care for families from around the world that live in Atlanta and is an integral part of the local international Atlanta community.

Please check out this video on IMC, a greater Atlanta center of healthcare excellence and one stop, affordable medical clinic on YouTube.

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